Songs of Spring

From 3.12

One of the favorite sounds along with the Red-Wing Blackbirds I hear all spring is the song of the Song Sparrow. I have noticed this year a lot of practicing and slight variations, with the songs all getting more similar as spring gets later. I wonder if they are responding to feedback from females and getting their songs closer to what the female likes best or if they are trying to imitate the other males closer?

From 3.12

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5 Responses to Songs of Spring

  1. Dan, I’ve been hearing the Song Sparrows more often too. I love listening to them.

    I’ve been seeing female Red-winged Blackbirds lately and the males are displaying a lot.

  2. Mary Ann says:

    Hi Dan, my thoughts exactly on the song sparrow. I have one every year that perches himself in a small bush right outside my living room window. He goes on & on especially in the morning of course. I listen every time with excitement as if it was my first time hearing his song.. Love it!! Great pics Dan!!

  3. Kerri says:

    Wonderful captures! I LOVE their little songs!!

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